The right brand is one that resonates with your ideal client, communicates a clear story, and makes you stand out from everyone else in your industry. When you have the right brand, it emotionally connects with your ideal client and clarifies why you’re the best choice.  If your brand isn’t doing this for you, let’s chat.


It doesn’t matter how well you speak, how persuasive your words are or how prepared you are if you have a presentation that is mediocre. Presentations done right enhance your speech, tell a story, captivate your audience, move them to action, and best of all, keep them from falling asleep. Are you ready to knock the socks off your next audience? Let’s chat.


You have your powerful speech and your jaw-dropping presentation we created together, so now you need to fill your calendar with bookings. You want to get your name out there for podcast interviews, speaking engagements, and other media outlets. Having a professionally designed one-sheet or a full media kit makes you stand out from all the others. Not sure what you need? Let’s chat.


Do you have complex ideas that require out-of-the-box thinking to help you create structure with a project you’re working on? With my Creative Consulting Service, I can can help you synthesize your ideas from complex to tangible, so you can serve them up to the public to digest. 


“We had several unique challenges with our deck. Working with JPL set an incredibly high bar to begin with. Glenn’s Designs was able to interpret our needs and create a deck that was both well designed and flowed exactly as it needed. We’ve used the deck to raise over $5 Million to date.”

David Palacios | Founder, Augmenteum

“His sense of imagery and text work and visual flow made a huge difference and really brought my presentation to a much higher impact level for everyone who was watching it…If you’re trying to get a great presentation together with a lot of visual impact – Glenn Hemanes – that’s the way to go.”

Fred Joyal | Founder, 1-800-DENTIST

“Every time I send out my media kit, people are in awe. They are blown away by the design, by the way the information is formatted, and by the overall structure of it. Glenn made me look like a superstar.”

Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street | Founder, The Firestarter Nation

“I’ve been asked to give a keynote in Bellevue, Washington, which is Microsoft-land, where PowerPoint was invented. … I went to Glenn’s Designs, and they took [my] presentation and turned into something that’s transcendental, something magical, something that will WOW even the most jaded power user of PowerPoint.”

Richard Bangs | Co-Founder, Mountain Travel Sobek

“My deck came out so beautiful. I’m so happy with it. It’s been so effective for all the meetings I’ve had.”

Michelle Delamor |CEO/Co-Founder, No Girl Left Behind

“Glenn’s Designs … produced a superior presentation for my company. His designs are gorgeous and layout in such a way to hold people’s attention. He has a real eye of how to capture your message and put it into a beautiful design that looks extremely polished and professional.”

Salina Ray | Founder, EnvisionBody

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