Having a personal brand is all about how we show up in the world and it’s connected to everything we are and do.

Glenn’s Designs is more than VISUAL design.
It’s about living a LIFE designed to become the best version of yourself by using what I call The DELTA method.

When we have focus and clarity on our brand we have peace of mind. We are able to manage our time more effectivley and reduce stress and anxiety. 

IT’S NOT MAGIC, BUT TETRO IS – Delta Program Testimonial

Tetro was looking for focus and clarity in his life and through my exclusive Delta program ”

“(he) got massive value out of it. (He) discovered his skills, values, strategic life decisions, but (also) help cultivate a consistent personal brand.”

Tetro – Master Magician


I can help with

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Managing your time

  • Organizing your life and priorities

My Delta method will help you and gain focus and clarity in your life.

Let’s schedule a 15 minute complimentary introductory private video call today to learn more about my process and how I can help you.


By applying my DELTA method I have been able to design an integrated and authentic profesional and personal brand identity for entrepeneurs. 

Interested in Learning More About Creating a More Authentic Brand for Your Business?

Let’s schedule a 15 minute complimentary introductory private video call today to learn more about my process and how I can help you.

TEARS OF JOY – A Branding Testimonial

Taina wanted to create a unified brand identity and logo that represented the many facets of her business and at the same time, visuals that best reflected her personality. We went through a series of conversations and exercises so that I could get a sense of her vision. When I revealed the final design, Taina shed tears of joy, sharing that I ‘got’ her.

“I was absolutely blown away with how it adequately it reflects my essence.”

Taina, Magnetism Coach & Tantra Teacher

Want to know the first step in starting your journey towards your own personal growth and development? Check out my ABC’s of PERSONAL GROWTH.
My Free Gift to You!

I created this video series to share simple things you can do to grow and improve, one letter at a time. Enjoy!

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A is for ACTION

Take ACTION toward your personal growth, whether larger or small. Bonus: AUTHENTIC – Be true to yourself and to others.

B is for BODY

Awareness does not only occur in your mind. Your whole BODY is holds intelligence, and your BODY is your vehicle for your awareness.

Special Guest: Sam Morris


COMMITMENT is making a promise to yourself and holding yourself accountable for making positive changes in your life. Telling others about your COMMITMENT will strengthen your resolve, and their enthusiasm will help motivate you stay COMMITTED.


D is for DOUBT

Work on not giving into DOUBT. DOUBT is a daily, hourly or even minute-to-minute exercise.

Special Guest: Damon D’Amore


The belief or desire to produce the intended result.

F is for FOCUS

FOCUS facilitates the commitment to your personal growth. Having a clear understanding of what you want, why you want it and how you plan to do it will help you stay FOCUSED. Special Guest: John Vitale

F is for FITNESS (Bonus)

Physical FITNESS is important, but emotional, mental and spiritual FITNESS are equally important.


G is for GOALS

Create GOALS for yourself. Start with small GOALS that can be easily accomplished. The more GOALS you meet, the more confident you will feel. When you feel confident, you’ll be able to set bigger GOALS.



HAPPINESS is a state of mind. To help you overcome adversities and challenges in life, it helps to focus on the little things that make you happy everyday.

Special Guest: Sasha Couch…and one other mystery appearance??


INTEGRATION is all about applying the principles of personal growth and development to your life. Make them a part of who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

Special Guest: George Kansas

J is for JUDGING

Avoid JUDGING others; it separates you from others and puts you in a place of fearing being JUDGED by others. Being free of JUDGEMENT allows you to open yourself for growth.


K is for KRISTEN

Having people in your life who are supportive of your growth and development will make all the difference in the world!


L is for LOVE

LOVE yourself as you would love someone else. Apply care, compassion and patience when challenging yourself to grow.

Special Guest: Eric Wolfson (aka) Paul E. Amori


Keep up on the things that you need to get done so they don’t build up and get out of control.

N is for NETWORK

It is essential to form a healthy network of people in your life that are not only supportive, but people you learn from and aspire to be more like.

Special Guest: Ken Rutkowski



Look for the OPPORTUNITIES in life that will challenge and help you grow. Choosing to notice certain things in your life actually creates small changes in the way your conscious mind operates.

Special Guest: Ken Dubner


P is for PLAY

PLAY is a state of mind and attitude. It is a mindset that allows you to be open and pliable to change. PLAY is how we learn about ourselves and our limits.

Special Guest: Blake Nichols



Be curious about things and live life inquisitively.

Special Guest: Tetro

R is for ROUTINE

Having a ROUTINE creates predictability and preparation.

Special Guest: Officer Adrian Acosta, LAPD – Pacific Division Support officers’ families who experience financial challenges due to death, injury, or serious illness through the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation.




Create a SCHEDULE for yourself. SCHEDULING the routines in your life actually gives you more time to do the things you want to do and allows you to be more productive.



T is for TIME

Being aware of TIME and how long things take will help you schedule and maintain the things you need to do in your life.

Special Guest: Rob DecouPlease support Rob and his fight against Brain Cancer



U is for UNIQUE

Don’t let yourself be discouraged from a personal challenge just because it’s not UNIQUE. The fact that *you* are doing it is what makes it UNIQUE.


V is for VALUES

VALUES are the beliefs we hold in high regard in others as well as strive for in ourselves.



W is for WORRY

Understand the differences between anticipating the possible outcomes of a given situation and WORRYING about something. The key is not to let WORRY monopolize your thoughts.



X is for X OUT

X Out those people in your life who are negative influences in your life, those who impede your growth. Love them from a distance.





YOUNG-AT-HEART is a lifetime mission. You are never too young to start pursuing interests and never too old to learn and grow. Be curious, and encourage yourself and others to grow.


Z is for ZONE

Growth occurs outside your comfort ZONE or in the “FEARLESS” ZONE!

Special Guest: Elissa Fisher Harris



It’s a wrap!

here you go! 26 words that represent my core principles of personal growth and development – things I personally work on everyday.




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