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How certain are you that your slides are grabbing your audience’s attention and helping you win their support, loyalty or business?

Let us help you create powerful and engaging visuals to accompany what you’re saying to your audience to help you win them over.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

“We had several unique challenges with our deck. Working with JPL set an incredibly high bar to begin with. Glenn’s Designs was able to interpret our needs and create a deck that was both well designed and flowed exactly as it needed. We’ve used the deck to raise over $5 Million to date.”

David Palacios | Founder, Augmenteum

“His sense of imagery and text work and visual flow made a huge difference and really brought my presentation to a much higher impact level for everyone who was watching it…If you’re trying to get a great presentation together with a lot of visual impact – Glenn Hemanes – that’s the way to go.”

Fred Joyal | Founder, 1-800-DENTIST

“Every time I send out my media kit, people are in awe. They are blown away by the design, by the way the information is formatted, and by the overall structure of it. Glenn made me look like a superstar.”

Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street | Founder, The Firestarter Nation

“I’ve been asked to give a keynote in Bellevue, Washington, which is Microsoft-land, where PowerPoint was invented. … I went to Glenn’s Designs, and they took [my] presentation and turned into something that’s transcendental, something magical, something that will WOW even the most jaded power user of PowerPoint.”

Richard Bangs | Co-Founder, Mountain Travel Sobek

“My deck came out so beautiful. I’m so happy with it. It’s been so effective for all the meetings I’ve had.”

Michelle Delamor |CEO/Co-Founder, No Girl Left Behind

“Glenn’s Designs … produced a superior presentation for my company. His designs are gorgeous and layout in such a way to hold people’s attention. He has a real eye of how to capture your message and put it into a beautiful design that looks extremely polished and professional.”

Salina Ray | Founder, EnvisionBody

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The Team


Founder & Creative Director

Over 25 years of design experience working with clients like Apple, Fox Studios and Kaiser Permanente



Sales & Keynote Speaker
Author of Better Selling Through Storytelling
and Host of The Successful Pitch podcast


Co-Founder & CEO

Over 20 years of business knowledge and experience working for Cisco Systems, AT&T and OneWest Bank



Award-winning business development consultant, coach and two-time best-selling author

When to Work With Us

When You Need A New Deck

We’ll help you craft your story using our Outline Process, then design your presentation to stand out and create proper story flow.

When You Need To Revise An Existing Deck

We’ll use your old deck as a starting point, then simplify, rebrand and clarify it to take it to the next level.

When You Need Custom Design

From custom Electronic Press Kits (EPK) to brand guidelines and logos, our Design Studio will help you create stand out designs.

Our Clients

Our Services


We design a specially crafted slide presentation that fits you and your message.


We design a deck that has the winning formula you need to get the funding you are seeking.


We design electronic press and media kits for your form of artistry that matches your unique style and message.


We design logos and brand identities that exemplify you and your business and deliver them in a comprehensive style guide.

Creating a great presentation deck can be challenging

Are you getting blank stares from potential investors at a pitch meeting because your story isn’t resonating?

Are you embarrassed by your presentation deck because it doesn’t feel professional?

Are you struggling with PowerPoint or Keynote, trying to create a deck that lives up to your content?

Our Process


We spend time with you to organize your thoughts and clarify your message. The end result is a clear and concise outline of your presentation.


With your solidified outline, we design visually stunning slides to help you convey your message in a way that will engage your audience.


We review the slide breaks, transitions and “clicks” with you to make sure the presentation rhythm fits your delivery style.

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