Speakers want to book more speaking events and share their message. There are countless opportunities to speak virtually, live, in interviews, and podcasts. With each option, other than your own events, you will need to show off who you are and why they should let you speak.

This process is often similar to an interview process that begins with sending your information to those seeking a speaker.  It’s vital that what you send to them is professional and makes you stand out among other speakers. After all, you want them to select you above everyone else.

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Speaker or Podcast One Sheet 

A speaker one-sheet shows your expertise, experience, and the topics you speak on. Designed by a graphic designer gives you the upper hand. A well-designed speaker one-sheet brings out the best in you and what you have to offer.

Speaker Reels

Speaker Reel, Sizzle Reel, Speaker Demo are just a few names for the all-important Speaker Reel.  It is easy, especially for newer speakers, to put this on their “later” list.  Even seasoned speakers often put this vital marketing piece on hold. However, not making a speaker reel a priority, you run the risk of loosing great opportunities.

There are a ton of speakers who submit their one-sheet and fill out the form, eagerly waiting to see if they have been selected. If you had to choose speakers, wouldn’t you want to have proof they can speak and be the type of speaker that fits your audience? Of course you would.

This is where the Speaker Reel comes in. In a short yet powerful speaker reel, you show off your talent. It can be the difference between getting the gig or not.  You don’t want to leave this to just anyone. You want to have an expert to put together the very best reel and elevate you to the top of the speaker list and get booked.


Grabbing the media’s attention is a great way to get booked as a speaker, musician, and many other professions. We all want to see our name in “big lights.” Having an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) or Speaker Media Kit is the way to do it. You look like the professional you are when your kit is received. 

People in the media are always on a deadline. The easier it is to get your information and promotional material, the better your chances of being chosen. As you know, it’s competitive out there and having an engaging and professionally created kit will pay off immensely in being seen in front of the right people.